TEDxJaffa 2017

BuzzHunter led the creative and visual communication for TEDxJaffa 2017.

“Through the holistic and professional process which we experienced in our journey of branding TEDxJaffa, BuzzHunter created a bright, clean and informative visual language. It simplifies and communicates our content universe: smart cities, technology, sustainability, and TEDx.

Simple Smart.

The visual language we adopted of the different directions proposed
by BuzzHunter, was perfectly translated to various types of assets
and environments. The designs exceeded our expectations and moved us with their beauty, originality and creative depths.

The team even developed original ways to deliver our message and transformed the way people experience different mediums, traditional and current.

The entire process was well orchestrated; BuzzHunter made sure that all parts and parties did their part (including us).

The bottom line, we are delighted!”

Galia Cukierman, the founder of TEDxJaffa