Social Media In-house / Agency – 7 ideas to consider.

SMMinhiusevsagencyIt’s 2017, it’s obvious that social media has become the major marketing battlefield- especially for B2B markets, and you are contemplating if you should hire in-house social media marketer or rely on an agency.
Consider the following:

Agency :
1) An agency has a team of specialists; thus you get access to more experience and expertise, that can provide you with better suited solutions.
2) Agencies are always on the look for the cutting-edge technology services and solutions. With several clients on their portfolio they may be able to experiment and find the best solution for you.
3) An agency will knock your customers’ socks off with great visuals, as part of
their service.
4) Professional agencies have expert analysts and great reporting tools.

1) Higher alignment with company values and DNA.
2) Higher involved and engagement with the marketing and sales cycles of the company.
3) If you are aiming to hire a junior in-house social media marketer, an Agency may be more expensive.